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Michael Sue brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her "Being Bold With Boundaries" groups. Since everyone deals with boundary issues, her take on how to approach situations from simply uncomfortable ones to those that may be abusive or life-threatening is realistic and valuable.
Working on one of my boundary issues helped me to see how it affected other parts of my life, and I was able to transfer my new-found knowledge to other parts of my life. I feel more confident and comfortable in my dealings with my family and friends.

Sue Tabaka-Kritzeck   
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The written material is excellent, and the presentation is individual and personal. Michael Sue does not read the handouts--that's my job--she gets us to talk directly with her and with the other members of the class and applies the material directly to each of our situations. Michael Sue is helping me to move in the right direction. Thanks, Michael Sue--you've been there, and you care.

Erik Robinson   
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Michael Sue is amazing at empowering women who have struggled with trauma and abuse. She is a light in the shadows and is an incredible mentor for women who are looking to regroup, recover, and reconnect with themselves and their sexuality. She is compassionate, empathetic and encourages women to believe in themselves and helps them to raise their self-esteem and self-worth. Michael Sue's message of self-love is a strong one as she lives this message in her daily life and empowers all of her clients to love themselves unconditionally. She speaks from the standpoint of a survivor and not a victim. Her message to women is a powerful one that YOU CAN OVERCOME and get past your losses, your griefs and your struggles. Nothing is too big to overcome. If you are a woman who is struggling with shame, fear, trauma or the results of any of these, Michael Sue is the mentor you are searching for.

Kristin Lloyd    Website   
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Michael Sue was helpful to me during a time when my life was upside down. I was ending a 29 year marriage and she helped me get through the tumultuous emotions during that time. The divorce was not easy and she was a voice of reason during this difficult time. She is honest and forthright, giving great direction, and yet allowing you to learn at the same time. I will call upon her for help in a heartbeat if I ever need it again. She's awesome!

Betsy Rosam, M.S.    Website   
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Michael Sue is a great person to talk, laugh, cry with. I've had the pleasure of doing them all. She has taught me that I am not a victim , I am a survivor. She has helped me over-come some serious obstacles. She doesn't tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to hear. I would recommend Michael Sue to everyone.

Crystal Smolter   

Michael Sue has a lifetime of real world, real life experience that she has drawn upon to create this amazing life-changing course! Thank you so much!

Jupiter Jim

Jupiter Jim    Website   
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Michael Sue is an amazing and inspiring mentor who is serving woman by empowering them to overcome the fear, guilt or embarrassment that may be holding them back. She is someone that you can confide in, learn from and laugh with. If you are ready to make some serious progress and to truly give yourself permission, then you must enroll in one of her courses and get ready to work with an incredible teacher.

Kat Medrano    Website   

Am so glad my daughter and I have found Michael Sue. We have been in turmoil for years and now there seems to be a way to work through it with Michael Sue's knowledge, experience, compassion and care. She seems to understand where we both are coming from and is giving us the tools to make our lives so much better. We have needed this so much. Nobody has been able to do this up until now. Michael Sue is also helping me see how good life can be. Thanks, Michael Sue!!

Author *Pam Rocco   

No matter your sex or sexual orientation we all deal with the same or similar boundary issues. That was important to me, so I don’t feel odd. I trusted Michael Sue and she offered me the opportunity to discuss boundaries, which is a topic rarely, if ever discussed. She never talked at me, always talked with me, encouraging me to openly share my feelings. She was committed to creating a safe space for all of us in the group. I never knew how completely she had my back until the night my husband died. Michael Sue was there for me from the time I received the call showing only compassion and understanding.

Bob Hentschel   
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Michael Sue, thank you so much for your support and comfort today. You did more in 4 hours than any therapist has done in 4 years.

Kate Ranta   

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